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About us


We are a couple of Aussie dads and mums with full time jobs who have gone through the journey and joy of upbringing our little kids.  

One of the primary challenges we face in our early days with our toddlers is meal times. The feeding and cleaning process can get very messy at times. It was also time consuming and sometimes, exhausting. Travelling can also be challenging sometimes due to the amount of plates/utensils we need to bring + the messi-ness that extends beyond home into the outer environment.  

We aspire, over time, to connect you directly with some of the solutions we have encountered during our journey through this online baby / toddler product store. We are very "picky" with our vendors, ensuring that all products sourced are safe to use, affordable and accessibly to everyone.

We hope you find these solutions useful. 

Lastly, your experience and satisfaction are paramount to us. If you like to see any other items added to the store, please feel free to contact us and we love to help you out! 

- PuggyBaby